The Rainbow Fish – Sensory Kit

The Rainbow Fish sensory kit is a great way for children to recreate the story through a range of open-ended resources as well as bringing their imagination to life. This sensory kit will inspire children to explore the underwater world and allow the children to investigate different sea creatures through using the Rainbow Fish activity sheets.

This kit includes the following:

– ‘The Rainbow Fish’ story book 
– 3 colors of homemade playdough 
– Playdough mat showcasing 2 fish templates
– sea shells
– Googly eyes
– Coloured gemstones
– Coloured sequence
– Crayola pencils 24 pack coloured 
– Crayola crayons 24 pack coloured
– 1x glue stick 
– 1x scissors 
– 1x lead pencil

*Maintain supervision at all times while children are using the sensory kit.

*Store playdough in plastic wrap or ziplock bag to maintain freshness.